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Goldenfish paint cross platform strategic cooperation, and so you join
Founded in 1956, Shijiazhuang Paint Company was one of the former Ministry of chemical industry coating production of key enterprises. The company restructured in 1994 and now it is a large joint-stock cooperative enterprise.
Cooperation Mode

Chain franchise, regional vacation authorization
Franchise to provide exclusive distribution brand
Cooperation, so you do not have their own factories than factory

Dealer Requirements

Have brand awareness and independent business premises
There is a person to carry out network construction, management
Annual sales capacity of more than 1 million
Laying the two - level network in the main interior decoration city and the main town in the area
Establishing business relationship with major decoration companies in the region and the main project operation

Company Strength

Brand Strength

  • In 2009 won the national labor Award
  • High-tech enterprises in Hebei Province
  • Winning unit of the National Cup competition
  • Industry's first mandatory 3C certification by the state
  • The first batch of the industry to obtain certification of China Environmental Labeling Products
  • Industry first AAA credit rating companies
  • ISO9001 international quality system certification
  • ISO14000 environmental management system certification
  • "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification" (ten ring certification)
  • "Railway product certification" (CRCC)
  • China Classification Society factory certification
  • Fire protection product type approval certificate
  • China Coating Industry Association
  • China Steel Structure Association
  • ... ...
  • 99 years Passed The ISO9001 International Quality System Certification
  • 2008 through the ISO14000 environmental management system certification

Scientific Research Innovation

主机游戏机哪个好 www.wkwnq.icu Enterprise strong technical strength, has a Provincial Institute of paint, in recent years, with domestic and foreign advanced paint manufacturers and research institutions to carry out technical cooperation, finished product structure adjustment; in-depth market, grasp the market change, followed by the industry, the industry fit the needs of customers, to ensure that products and supporting scheme suitability, economy and reliability.

Five Major Technical Systems To Provide Rigorous Technical Support
  • Production Technology
  • Security Technology
  • Coating Technology
  • Selling Technology
  • R & D Technology
Scientific Research Strength

Has a 350 person team, including senior engineers, senior engineers and engineers were 104, 1, the State Council allowance China Coating Industry Association Expert Committee members, 1 municipal outstanding technical personnel 3, Hebei province was hired to do a title "members of Chemical Engineering" evaluation committee 3 a.

Hebei Coatings Industry Research Institute was founded in 1989, is Hebei's largest paint research institute, relying on Shijiazhuang City paint factory technical force, engaged in research and development of high-tech products, focus on new product development and technology, the development of the domestic market.

20specialized laboratories
400 square meters of raw materials and finished products testing center
2national standards of constant temperature and humidity room
Production And Detection

The organization has set up a "workshop" simulation painting construction, provide a good environment for the simulation experiment, to simulate the actual use of the environment, according to the coated products using the environment the temperature and humidity, geographical position, painting characteristics of the product and a series of construction environment and necessary conditions, avoid the phenomenon of suitable environment for coating products the factory construction, at the same time avoid causing unnecessary losses.

Simulated spray shop
Agilent (HP) gas chromatography Gel waters chromatograph The United States Koehler STIK precision drying box German BYK cup test instrument
UV ageing tester The United States Q-LAB xenon lamp aging instrument British Sheen salt spray test machine Sheen damp heat test chamber
Technical Cooperation

The establishment of long-term stable strategic cooperative relationship between enterprise wide and the international forefront of paint manufacturers, domestic scientific research institutes, to carry out the production and research of horizontal joint development of new products, a series of advanced technology and excellent quality, constantly explore the frontiers of industry.

In recent years, with the "Holland, Canada, Britain, Austria, the United States and other countries" paint manufacturers and research institutions for technical cooperation, the development of "energy saving and environmental protection type alkyd paint, waterborne anticorrosive paint, paint, supporting the use of high-speed railway passenger car water damping coating technology", to reach the domestic advanced level, implementation of to replace imported products.

Production Guarantee

The construction of new enterprises specializing in the production of paint Park -- "goldfish paint factory", the factory covers an area of 150 thousand square meters. Located in the Hebei provincial government approved the "provincial industrial zone in Zhaoxian County County, 2 kilometers west of the industrial zone. 40 kilometers southeast of Shijiazhuang, east of Road 308 Yinchuan highway 2 km, 5 km west of Beijing Zhuhai Expressway, the traffic is very convenient!

Park Resources

Goldenfish covers an area of 150 thousand square meters, it has annual production capacity of 200 thousand tons, 8 production workshop, 32 automatic production lines, it can provide 50kg-15 tons of different batches of products, and it can produce 18 categories & more than 6000 varieties of resins, paints, coatings, adhesives.The factory provide 7000 square meters the dormitory and 5000 square meters of office facilities.

Built with "solvents, powder, semi-finished products, finished products, packaging, equipment, etc."10Warehouse, storage capacity up to 2000 tons Above;
A "solvent tank, storage capacity1000tonsBuilt with storage capacity up to5000tonsWarehouse for dangerous goods";
And with "special railway line", can be matched with the storage system to ensure the production and operation of material needs...

Under the "Shijiazhuang goldenfish Transport Co. Ltd.”the group owns a professional transportation company with dangerous chemicals Road transport license, transportation, distribution, warehousing, customer service in the market, which ensure the timely delivery of the goldenfish products.

Sales Service

Enterprises in the country's distribution of more than and 30 offices, more than and 500 dealers, forming a sound sales network in North, northeast, central and South Africa and other regions, smooth sales channels.

Sales partners and partners all over the country, the products are exported to the Americas, Europe, West Africa, Asia and other regions...

Products And Industry Applications

"Golden fish" series of high-grade industrial, engineering paint, export equipment supporting paint, building paint, water-based industrial paint, applied to industrial economy in many fields, serving the high-end market...

Technical Cooperation

Vehicle paint (automotive, railway passenger cars, electric vehicles, agricultural vehicles, engineering vehicles, military vehicles)

Plateau paint (plateau locomotive, plateau vehicle equipment)

Industrial equipment paint (industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, transformers, motors, machine tools, etc.)

Paint and various supporting putty for wind turbine blades of wind power tower paint, paint, pressure containers, packaging barrels

Industrial Heavy-Duty Anticorrosive Paint

Metal protection (steel structure, metal pipe, storage tank, gas tank, etc.)

Cement protection (floor floor, internal and external wall of building, recycling pool, sewage tank, etc.)

Power plant anti-corrosion facilities, anti-corrosion facilities, ships and coastal facilities, such as corrosion protection

Industry coating solutions

Special anti-corrosion (acid paint, anti fouling paint, ceramic coating, paint, etc.)

Water Based Industrial And Anticorrosive Paint

Waterborne industrial paint, water equipment of anticorrosive paint, water-based floor paint, water-based paint etc.

Architectural Coatings

Inner wall latex paint, elastic paint, powder paint, putty, Wan Nengjiao, white latex,

TG glue, 108 glue, building waterproof coating, exterior wall art paint, etc.

Wood Decorative Paint

Nitro decorative paint, musical instrument paint, furniture paint, decoration paint, etc.

Technical Cooperation

800 degree black exhaust pipe coating, long-term epoxy anti rust primer, BH high temperature resistant coatings, PVC label fluorescent paint containing fluorine, high solid epoxy coating,
Special primer, epoxy primer, LP cold zinc coating

Our Service

Service purpose: quick response, timely in place, quality service, customer satisfaction

Color design service

Provide product support and construction solutions

Provide on-site technical guidance

A single batch of more than 5 tons of limousine service site

The cooperation unit can provide 24 hours technical response, within 500 km of the day arrived, 500-1000 km 48 hours to reach.

Seven Business Support

Three months unconditionalreturn

Variety complete, series matching

The competitiveness of products store distribution Special rack

Advertising support (CCTV advertising, provincial and municipal advertising, Large outdoor advertising, websites, print, Asia Pacific Material information, newspapers and magazines).

Store support (lintel, image wall, KT board, data frame, Sample display rack, TV DVD, business card, product information Materials, promotional materials

Business guidance, business training support
Team management, channel management, skill training

Full service support, technical consulting, coating system design, construction guidance, pattern color services, project formulation and entire operation expression

Pick up the phone
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Cast the road of wealth, achievement of the beauty of the building

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