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"Goldenfish Paint" Domestic And International Technical Cooperation

Over the years, the "Goldenfish paint" extensive domestic and international research institutions, well-known large companies to establish long-term stable strategic cooperative relations, to carry out the production and research of horizontal joint development of new products, a series of advanced technology and excellent quality, constantly explore the frontier areas of the industry, is known as Chinese coating industry association "a banner Chinese coating the revitalization and development of the national enterprises"!

"Holland, Canada, Britain, Austria, the United States and other countries" paint manufacturers and research institutions for technical cooperation, the development of "energy saving and environmental protection type alkyd paint, waterborne anticorrosive paint, paint, supporting the use of high-speed railway passenger car water damping coating technology", to reach the domestic advanced level, achieve to completely replace imported products the. Cooperation projects repeatedly won the national, provincial and municipal technical innovation award.

Technical Cooperation

And "Holland, Canada, the United Kingdom, Austria, the United States" and other national paint manufacturers and research institutions to carry out technical cooperation

Cooperative State

Sales partners and partners all over the country, the products are exported to the Americas, Europe, West Africa, Asia and other regions











History of Cooperation

80s so far, with a number of foreign research institutions to cooperate and take the lead in the introduction of a number of Technology

By the State Council
intellectual lead Into the
office,take the lead from
Sweden Imported heavy
anti-corrosion original
Sleeve matching

Introduction of air dry
from Japan Unsaturated
polyester resin,Made
with this resin Products
to improve the quality
of products Weather
resistance, gloss,
resistance Ageing

The introduction of
engineering vehicles
from the UK Special
paint technology and
full Paint inspection

From the introduction
of the water industry in
Holland Paint, paint
technology. In the early
introduction of water
Environmental protection
industrial paint, and
through Provincial expert

I plant with Canadian coatings Expert cooperation in the introduction of high-end Elastic coating. Formed Modeke series products, Make up the domestic architectural coatings Lack of products on the market, Favored by customers.

My company and the
British one furniture A
hundred years of history,
Powder manufacturers
to introduce Sheet metal
powder technology.

My company and Austria
factory Home cooperation,
research and development
of high Paint technology
for speed train, And
success in the motor car
Line test.

From the introduction
of ultra-thin plant in
Italy The expansion of
steel structure, mill
Structural water based
fire retardant coatings.

Our company has a history of 60 years. Water based paint manufacturers to cooperate with the introduction of anti condensation Coating. The committee agreed to hire Italy College Home for my factory technical consultants, corporate training regularly to the enterprise Training guidance.

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