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Specializing in the production of paint Park - Shijiazhuang City paint paint factory is located in Hebei Province, the Goldenfish, the government approved the "provincial industrial zone in Zhaoxian County industrial park. "Goldenfish paint factory" Shijiazhuang City paint factory's professional production factory, professional paint in recent 60 years. August 2010 has been successfully relocated. At present, all the normal production, and for the next ten years of development to prepare the production capacity, for better use of existing resources, is now facing the country to carry out processing!
Enterprises in the "win-win cooperation and common development" concept, the current contract, undertake foreign investment cooperation business, the project is as follows:
Company commitment: in strict accordance with the processing project principal business services technical requirements, quality standards, specifications, quantity, material requirements, safety, low cost and good quality, to provide timely processing services,
Ensure satisfactory service to the partner. Enterprises sincerely look forward to working with you, you are welcome to visit and negotiate business!
Strong Production Capacity
Covers an area of 150000 square meters
The annual production capacity of 200,000 tons provides 50kg - 15t different batch products
The resin, paints, coatings and adhesives of 18 kinds of varieties are produced
8 production workshop, the production equipment is advanced and complete
Production technology in the domestic leading level
Detailed Description:
1, high temperature reactor workshop a total of 17 sets of resin production control system using DCS, one of the biggest reaction kettle of 12 cubic meters, the minimum 50 liter reactor, heating for heat conducting oil heating, cooling way for cold oil or water cooling, the reaction temperature is 280 DEG C, the annual production capacity of 20000 tons.
2, low temperature workshop a total of 30 sets of reactor, acrylic acid, amino produced by DCS control system, the maximum capacity of 10 cubic meters of the reactor; the minimum reactor capacity of 500 liters, heating for oil or steam, cooling water for cooling, the reaction temperature at 0-200 degrees, the annual production capacity of 15000 tons;
3, heat carrier heating, boiler room is equipped with two sets of heat-conducting oil furnace using PLC control system, power was 4600KW and 1860KW, can provide 280 degrees high temperature heat conducting oil and 200 DEG C low-temperature heat conducting oil; with 2 tons of steam generator, steam pressure can provide 0-6 kg.
4, powder workshop has four 300kg/h independent production lines, can produce more than 0.1 tons of various types of powder coating products.
5, paint shop, nitro workshop introduced multiple products from Germany, Singapore dispersion medium with zirconia, zirconium silicate with high dispersion properties of sand mill equipment, 100 sets of high-speed dispersion machine 60, 120 fixed diluted tank. There are alkyd, epoxy, acrylic, acrylic, polyester, nitro, vinyl chloride, and other professional production line. Large paint shop can produce a single batch of production capacity of 2-10 tons of various types of paint, annual production capacity of 40 thousand tons; small paint shop, nitro workshop can produce a single batch of production of 0.1-2 tons of various types of paint, annual production capacity of 20 thousand tons.
6, building coating workshop for the production capacity of 30 thousand tons of paint automatic production line set, greatly improve the product quality and stability. Various equipment can produce single batch production capacity of 0.5 tons -15 tons of various colors of lacquer, the annual production capacity of 10 thousand tons; putty powder special equipment can produce all kinds of internal and external wall putty powder production capacity of more than 10 thousand tons.
7, coopery workshop uses the domestic advanced processing technology, drums, square barrel, convenient barrel production various specifications of 0.5-30L, the annual processing capacity of 12 million.
8, material measurement using weighing module form, to ensure the accuracy of the batching.

Strong Technical Force


professor of engineering


Senior Engineer




Graduate, undergraduate, technical secondary school or above


Enjoy the State Council technical allowance


The Municipal Technical Talents
Efficient Standard Management
The existing 13 "flat" external processing contract team, the enterprise has been fully certified by the following



CRCC certification

China Classification Society factory product certification

3C certification

Ten ring authentication

Fire protection product type approval

British water certification

C logo certification

Advanced Detection Equipment

Artificial aging instrument, heat resistance tester, salt spray tester, gas chromatograph, ultraviolet screening instrument, trace moisture tester, cupping test instrument, automatic color instrument, the introduction of "Britain, Germany, the United States, Italy, Switzerland and other advanced equipment.

Large Capacity Storage Space

With the production and storage of hazardous chemicals qualification, to meet your different needs of storage space and tank.

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